New Series: Daily Devotionals!

Hello beauties! Beauty Within Him will be starting daily devotionals. One of our main goals is to encourage and empower other people through God. Our devotionals will do just that. We want everyone to be equipped to have better days and discover the beauty within God. Go and subscribe to recieve them in your email at Repost and share! You never know who will need this. Stay blessed and stay tuned!



its the small acts of obedience that make a difference.

how does it make sense to pray for guidance in the future if we are not even obeying the things that lie before us today?

when we look at scripture, there are so many ‘momentous’ events that simply depend on one persons seemingly small act of obedience

rest assured, do what God tells you to do now, and, depend upon the fact that you will be shown in due course whats next.

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